EIAT Value Proposition


  • The opportunity to have a voice and participate in a programme that will support knowledge growth and development of necessary skills.
  • The opportunity to have access to career counseling and connect and develop relationships with industry leaders and global association networks that will lead to job placements.


  • The opportunity to engage and help students develop the necessary knowledge and skill set.
  • The opportunity to have access to industry research and global association networks.
  • The opportunity to exchange ideas with industry leadership to develop relevant curricula.

Marketplace (suppliers & buyers)

  • Resource and access to engage and recruit knowledgeable and skilled young professionals.
  • A channel to exchange ideas with academia and contribute to the development of curricula.


  • The opportunity to engage with academia and marketplace leadership and to understand the importance talent capital plays in developing a meeting infrastructure.
  • The opportunity to understand the economic benefits gained from meetings held in the region (cities and country).