About EIAT

  • Education
    EIAT provides educational sessions for students, professors, employees in Tourism and Hotel Industry and Managers. This is the only event in the region of South East Europe focusing on development of the platform of best young leaders in tourism and hotel business.
  • Industry
    EIAT is connecting Private Sector Industry Professionals, Public Sector Decision makers, Tour operators, Globally recognized Professors and Lecturers with best young leaders From SEE region. Every year this event is communicating different message in the industry and this year EIAT will address issues such as sustainable development, biodiversity and ecotourism.
  • Advancing
    With five different sessions, EIAT is introducing contemporary Trends in Tourism and Hotel Management, as well as modern technologies, systems and innovations and implementation of such measures.
  • Together
    EIAT aims to encourage the collaboration between academia, public and private sector and to send the message that only by recognizing each other strengths we can ensure sustainable economic and social development.





EIAT has now established itself as leading educational conference in the region.

Tom Hulton, IMEX

EIAT is an event region of South East Europe needed desperately. This is true education and networking platform

Bojan Kurez
Faculty for Tourism, University of Maribor, Slovenia

My warmest congratulations to you, for another successful EIAT!

Rob Davidson
University of Greenwich, United Kingdom

The quality of the speakers was excellent, with a wide mix of topics and plenty of academic excellence.

Miguel Neves
IMEX Frankfurt

You did an excellent job organizing such a successful conference.

Lynn Minaert
University of Surrey, United Kingdom

It was a great conference and a great group of people.

Dragan Matovic
Niagara Falls Tourism, Canada

Thank you for the excellent program and content! It was amazing

Daniela Gracan
Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management Opatija, University of Rijeka, Croatia

It was a pleasure to be one of the participants.

Tijana Bogdanović
Regional Developing Adency Zlatibor, Serbia

EIAT is best platform for student development and in coordination with University it brings true benefit for us. Thank you

Kliment Naumov
Faculty for Tourism and Hospitality Ohrid, University of Bitola, FYR Macedonia

EIAT made me being prepared for one of the world's best hotels St. Regis Doha. Thank you for believing in student development and constant innovation you have been providing for us

Olja Zvizdic
Former student at the Department for Geography, Tourism and Hotel Management, University of Novi Sad, Serbia
EIAT was established in 2008 with the aim of developing platform of best young leaders in tourism and hotel business in the region of South East Europe and this is its 6th Annual Edition.

Since 2008 EIAT has become regionally recognizable brand that introduces global leaders in the tourism industry and address young and dynamic students from the region of the Western Balkans.

EIAT has support from key stakeholders in Serbia such as Ministry of Finance and Economy at the Government of Serbia, National Tourism Organization of Serbia, Tourism Organization of Belgrade, IMEX Frankfurt and MPI Dallas. Moreover EIAT has been attracting 25 tourism and hotel faculties from 12 countries and key stakeholders from the region of South East Europe.

Today EIAT is recognized as must attend event for industry professionals, public sector practitioners, professors and students.