EIAT - eco friendly conference

EIAT and FLF Balkans go green with conference bags: A while ago it dawned on us what a ridiculous waste of resources the obligatory conference bag is. Plastic carrier bags are not the only bag related problem we face. Every time we go to a conference we get a bag we really don’t need or want. They’re often poor quality and fall apart quite quickly. Even last year during EIAT we did our best to have best possible conference bags but apart from being very attractive they were made of plastic and raw material. So what would be a better approach showing some social responsibility? From this  year on  we look forward to start developing  EIAT green concept.


Instead of taking a cab, if you can swing it… walk! In most cases, people try to book hotel reservations in close proximity to a conference venue. You might be tempted to get a hotel close to the airport because it’s cheaper on a per night basis, but think about the gas or cab fees (and possibly tolls, depending on the locations!) you end up spending for the cheaper per night accommodations. Consider staying close and eliminating cabs and rental cars from the mix. Save the gas and cab fares and maybe save a little extra money in the long run.

Hotel Room: Climate Control

Most of the time, hotel rooms are there solely for the purpose of crashing at night. You probably aren’t spending a lot of time in it during the day, so what’s the point in keeping the room climate at 20°C? Bump it up to 24°C when you’re not around and then reduce the temp to 21°C or 22°C when you get back in at night. The sun will have gone down and the afternoon heat will have dissipated.